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Our story

It's harder than ever for you to fit the pieces of life together. Managing student debt, buying homes, starting families, and saving for your future has never been more difficult. It is our goal to build an ongoing partnership with you as we walk through a process to design a personalized plan to put you on the right track going forward.

Since 2008, Cory has been serving individuals, families, and businesses, to plan for their better future. A graduate of Purdue University, with a degree in Financial Counseling and Planning, Cory spent majority of his career at a large brokerage firm, working with traders, retirees, and high net worth families. He found the traditional financial planning firm tends to cater to the older, well established client, leaving those in the building phase to navigate the waters on their own. Cory founded Indy Wealth Solutions, LLC to be a partner to those younger clients, still trying to fit the complex pieces of the puzzle together.

Outside of the office, Cory has been married to his wife, Emily, since 2012. They enjoy traveling, going to Indianapolis sporting events, Purdue basketball and football games, and trying new restaurants around the city.

Cory and Emily recently welcomed their first son, Turner, in January 2022.